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3D Smartphone by LG Electronics
Optimus 3D

Smartphone Optimus 3D

The LG Electronics company announced smartphone Optimus 3D, working on the basis of mobile OS Android. The novelty has been presented at the Mobile World Congress (Barcelona).

Optimus 3D is equipped with the stereoscopic display with a diagonal of 4,3 inches which allows to view 3D-videoclips on the smart phone screen without special glasses. Switching between usual 2D — and the 3D-dimensional image will happen at pushing of the special button.

Also the smart-phone has the special 3D-camera which is able to create a stereoscopic video. Thus, HDMI 3D video-clips it will be possible to view on the exterior display, including on the 3D-TV.

Optimus 3D from LG Electronics

Besides stereoscopic functions, Optimus 3D receives the Dual Core processor by the Texas Instruments, and also 4Gb of two-channel memory DDR2. The smart-phone will be delivered with 8Gb flash-memory. The smartphone will be delivered with pre-installed version of Windows Mobile 7. Novelty cost yet is not called. In some countries new Optimus 3D goes on sale in May, 2011.

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