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Popular Web Trends 2012


5 Most Popular Web Trends

1. CSS3 and HTML5.

More and more preference to possibilities CSS3 and HTML5 in respect of creations of such pleasant features as rounding, shades, semi-transparency, navigation buttons etc.

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2. Simple color schemes.

Mainly monochrome design. Red, yellow, green or dark blue — it's not important, more important contrasty to allocate a body — the content. All the rest in the muffled tones. Purely, simply and just!

Web Trends For Mobile Devices

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3. Mobile cross-mobility.

If your site isn't ready to be displayed of mobile devices you obviously absolutely don't trends in web design.

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4. Miniature screen-shot.
Big Brother now gives possibility to apply the special tool — the magnifier, which can make a tiny screen of your site. However, your site is ready to it?

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5. QR-Code.

The Quick Response Code is a very popular PR code in fashion magazines, outdoor advertising, business cards etc. How to use? Eventually, make its avatar!

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