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Google Fiber

Google Co. will announces the Cities which will connect to the high-speed Internet in the beginning of 2011. Thus, winners of competition become known till the end of the year.

1 Gb/sec for US it's real!

Within the limits of project the Google Fiber the corporation plans to lay broadband high-speed Internet Networks in cities of the USA. It's supposed that carrying capacity of channels will make 1 Gb/sec, thus will allow to Google to test new types of the own Internet services.

I will note, — this speed repeatedly exceeds average speed of access to the Internet in the USA. Demands acceptance from the US cities and settlements is started in February, 2010. As informed by «Tvorba webu» in total for this time Google has received more than thousand demands.

The corporation intends to monopolise the market of the high-speed Internet, but, anyhow the start date of input of high speed Internet Networks in action is not specified.

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