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You do not have ideas for publications?


Many bloggers, not finding ideas for publications, throw the hobby, referring that blogs in the Network and without that a large quantity. Never it is necessary to hurry up, especially when business demands inspiration and brain storm.

The principal cause on which bloggers throw the blogs is banal — they do not have ideas for the future publications, a so-called, creative stupor. Getting to such situation, bloggers think, that all information which they could share, has run low, therefore and a blog it is possible to close safely.

I with all confidence assert, that they are not right!
I hear the same question in the address: «And whence to take ideas for the publications?».
This article also will be devoted the answer to this question!

Develop a blog-plan

First of all, it is necessary for you to develop a monthly content the plan for the blog. For the best presentation issue the plan in the form of the table or a calendar. On this plan fix days in which you will be engaged in the blog. Let, for example, it will be 3 working days or days off.

Basically the content for blogs shares on 2 original parts: on news and is informative-information. News includes announcements of the main events, various reviews of actions, directly, world news. An informative content — information publications, managements and other training materials.

The news content needs to be published regularly, every day. Information as required, but one time a week is not more rare. It is necessary for you to plan competently the blog-plan, in regular intervals having planned a content on days of week.

Try, that every week the content was various, instead of repeated day by day. It is necessary for you to achieve interest of your readers, that you and will reach by means of a variety that for the daily publications.

Excellent source of ideas

Excellent source of ideas for publications is the content from thematic resources. Subscribe for a number of thematic sources of the information, receive it, the most liked postpone in a special place. Then, in case of hit in a condition of a creative stupor, simply lift these of a selection, and all will be adjusted!

Very important rule — when you are going to write the publication for a blog, start to write, not reflecting. You should not see before yourselves "a paper blank leaf". Having started to write, the inspiration will find you, and to correct the text it is possible during check!

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