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Release of new browser Firefox 3.6

Firefox 3.6

Noncommercial organisation Mozilla announced on January, 21st the new version of browser Firefox. In a browser are included new and some old functions are improved.

Firefox 3.6 became faster

Firefox 3.6 for 20% faster the previous version displays web pages, and also processes scenarios JavaScript faster. Developers assert, that, besides, Firefox 3.6 became stabler, than Firefox 3.5. Also in a browser the system of updating of plug-ins is improved and the mechanism of change of "lungs" by that of registration without browser reboot is included.

New version Firefox supports reproduction of video by means HTML5. In addition to support of fonts OpenType and TrueType the browser can work now with a web format of open fonts WOFF. In CSS support of linear and radial gradients was added.

Browser Firefox — the most popular in the world!

Firefox 3.6 works in Windows, Mac OS X and systems on the basis of kernel Linux. The browser is translated on 70 languages. Browser Firefox — the most widespread alternative browser in the world. Mozilla use more than 350 million users.

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