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AOL leaves Germany

Сompany AOL

American Internet company AOL turns off the activity in territory of Germany, informs television channel ZDF. Within the limits of preparing re-structuring all four German bureaus in Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Munich and Frankfurt, will be closed.

German daughter AOL — Adtech

In December, 2009 management AOL has declared reduction 2500 of 6900 workplaces worldwide. It is expected, that in Germany work will be lost nearby by 140 persons. Nevertheless, according to Spiegel, German daughter AOL, company Adtech, will not be closed, and re-structuring will not affect in any way German clients AOL.

AOL will keep German versions of media player Winamp, AOL Instant Messenger, and also post services. The portal also will continue to function, the truth, in the facilitated version. For some last years AOL has lost set of clients which have preferred competitors such as Google and Yahoo.

Time Warner & AOL

In December, 2009 media company Time Warner and AOL, since 2001 entering into one holding were divided. In November AOL has declared, that takes expenses on re-structuring, and also plans to reduce third of workplaces.

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AOL leaves Germany + Time Warner