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The computer of 1980 of release will adapt for Twitter


Computer Commodore VIC-20 made in 1980, will be used for dialogue through service of microblogs Twitter. Employees of a museum of the personal computer (PC Museum), located in the Canadian city of Brentford plan to communicate with other users of service on February, 20th, writes Gizmodo.

8-bit computer VIC-20

Eight-bit computer VIC-20 is equipped by five kilobytes of operative memory, clock frequency of the processor of 1,02 megahertz. That, according to employees of a museum, approximately in 3 thousand times it is less, than at modern personal computers.

Dialogue in Twitter becomes real thanks to program TweetVER which has been written down on a cassette magnetic tape.

The very first computer

According to site VIC-20 became the first computer sold in number of more one million of copies. By the moment of removal from manufacture in the world it has been sold more than 2,5 million VIC-20.

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The computer of 1980 of release will adapt for Twitter + Twitter