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YouTube has renewed work after five-hour failure

Videohosting YouTube

The largest videohosting YouTube has renewed work after debugging. On a site the main page and the majority of sections, however videoclips were not displayed were accessible on direct links.

Without explanations of the reasons

YouTube yet has not explained the reason of malfunctions. The representative of a video hosting has informed, that YouTube has understood an essence of the arisen problem, and engineers were engaged in restoration of working capacity of a site.

The Chinese trace

In the beginning of week of a malfunction also have concerned site Google. Users from the different countries told, that the information on company management was displayed in the Chinese language. Many bloggers have connected it with refusal Google of censorship in China and have put forward assumptions, that the site has undergone to hacker attack, writes The Guardian.

Subsequently Google in the microblog on Twitter has informed, that the malfunction has been caused by an error, instead of hacker attack, and that the error is already corrected. We will notice, that Google owns videohosting YouTube.

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YouTube has renewed work after five-hour failure + YouTube