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YouTube has started function of automatic addition of subtitles

YouTube Captions

The videoclips placed on popular video hosting YouTube, will be automatically supplemented with subtitles, writes TechCrunch. The new system is created on the basis of technology Google Voice.

Subtitles by Google Voice

In November of last year YouTube has started to add automatically subtitles in a test mode for the limited number of videos of some educational institutions. After four months service on automatic recognition of speech became in English accessible to all videoclips. According to the founders, the given service will be actual for deaf-mutes, and also that who is intended to study English language.

Thanks to the tool of machine translation of speech, users YouTube can read subtitles not only in English, but also on a number of other languages, including on the Chinese.

Engineer Google Ken Harrenstein has promised, that in some months YouTube can define speech in several languages. Thus, Ken has complained that for qualitative drawing up of subtitles the video file sound track should not contain strangers of noise. Otherwise speech recognition will be completely impossible, or the total result will contain too a considerable quantity of discrepancies.

To add or not to add

YouTube yet has not sub-titled all videoclips placed on a hosting. Thus, owners of accounts of service can independently request addition of subtitles for earlier laid out video by means of a corresponding option in videoplayer YouTube. If users will not accept quality of subtitles, they can correct and send independently back in system, writes Gizmodo.

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YouTube has started function of automatic addition of subtitles + YouTube