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Twitter has counted up users outside of the USA

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Number of the registered users Twitter living outside of the USA, makes more than 60% from the general number of users. In September, 2009 the percentage parity of the American and not American users has made 50/50, is informed in blog Twitter.

Six language Twitters

At the moment official site Twitter is accessible in six languages, thus four language versions — Spanish, French, Italian and German — have been started in October/December, 2009. Besides it Twitter also possesses the version in the Japanese language which has been presented in 2008.

Cellular cooperation

Twitter also expand actively co-operates with cellular operators of some the countries to provide possibility free to use service by means of mobile phones. So, the company has entered into agreements with operators in India, Indonesia and Haiti.

Let's notice, that according to the research published in the beginning of March, only every fifth owner of accounting record Twitter is the active user of service. 73% of users Twitter updated the microblog less than 10 times.

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Twitter has counted up users outside of the USA + World