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Google occupies power branch

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Corporation Google has directed through branch Google Energy the demand in FERC on reception of the licence for work in power business, including trade in the electric power. About it writes Reuters.

Google Energy by Google

According to representative Google Niki Fenwick, thereby the company can save own power resources. Also Google Energy plans to prosecute subjects of alternative and renewed power, however trade in the electric power is not included into plans Google yet, she has specified.

For today in power business of the USA are involved more than one and a half thousand companies, including some the industrial concerns which have received the permission from FERC on activity in this sphere.

XU Energy + Sempra Energy + Google = Google's PowerMeter

Recently Google gives more and more attention to the power markets. So rather recently the corporation together with companies TXU Energy and Sempra Energy has founded project Google's PowerMeter which is giving the chance to computer users to save the electric power at the expense of the total analysis of indications of electric metres.

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