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Ideas for creation of a fresh SEO-content


Ideas for creation of the optimised content do not roll on road. Often updated content will pay off good inflow of the traffic, thereby — to secure with trust of search systems.
However, especially if your blog exists already long enough, ideas for a content corresponding to criteria SEO can run low. Here five ideas which will help you to receive a push for creation of the optimised content.
1. Esteem other blogs.
Reading of another's blogs — a reliable source of ideas.
Certainly, speech does not go about copying. Their content can simply give a necessary push for your own ideas, push on interesting thought. It helps to find a theme, or to look on habitual on the other hand.
2. Look through Google Trends.
This service will help to find out the latest popular inquiries for your subjects within day. Having understood tendencies of reader's requirements, it will be easy to you to choose a vital topic.
3. Look through comments.
It never takes away a lot of time, but for nothing to read and answer it is not necessary. Each time, looking through comments, prepare a sheet of paper — there you will write out most often meeting questions, themes which more all interest readers. That can be easier — give to your readers that they wish to see.
4. Use tool Keyword Suggestion.
One of the best ways to create the new optimised content on your blog. It is possible to use Keyword Suggestion for revealing both new key phrases of your subjects, and the most popular. Each such inquiry gives idea at least for one article.
5. Analyse page of questions and answers.
Recently this tendency grows: after all ideas of posts simply lay on a surface. Readers set to community questions on which would like to receive answers — why to you not to give them. You can use such resources, as WikiAnswers and Yahoo! Answers.

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