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To the British schoolboys will show only useful video


In the Great Britain have developed the special filter for site YouTube which will allow to use a video portal for teaching at schools. As newspaper The Times, cost specially developed for this purpose Bloxx Media Filter writes makes from 2,5-10,000 pounds sterling a year depending on number of served computers.

Very high degree of a filtration

Earlier on all school British computers schools installed the filter which completely blocks access to YouTube. Was considered, that on a site it is too much the videoclips containing frank scenes and scenes of violence. However teachers complained, that cannot use many useful educational materials which are available on YouTube. It is a question, in particular, of videorecordings of research experiments which are too dangerous for carrying out in a class with children, about scenes from classical statements of Shakespearean plays and about other informative materials.

Bloxx Media Filter, besides a filtration of videoclips, cuts from them the user comments, and also automatically generated list of links on similar videos.

Bloxx Media Filter for the British schools — the expensive pleasure

Representatives of public organisations under the control over an expenditure of budgetary funds have already stated concern too high, in their opinion, by the filter.

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To the British schoolboys will show only useful video + YouTube