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Facebook became the most popular web site in the USA


Facebook is the most popular Internet site in the USA. According to analytical company Hitwise, the traffic on Facebook is equivalent to 7,07% from the general number of open web pages. One year ago given indicator Facebook was equaled 2,5%.

On 2nd place Google — 7,03%. Google for the first time has conceded the first place in the list of popular web sites (since September, 15th, 2007). Then Google has bypassed other popular social web-hosting — MySpace.

Facebook vs Google

The 3rd and 4th place in a rating is divided between post service Yahoo! Mail and general Yahoo! (3,8 and 3,67 percent accordingly). On the 5th place popular video hosting YouTube, with 2,14%.

Representatives Hitwise have noted:

" earlier already was the most visited web site of day. The best statistics has been registered on December, 24th and 25, 2009, on January, 1st, and also on March, 6th and 7, 2010. For 1 year, popularity has increased more than in 2,85 times! For comparison, the statistics for Google, for the identical period of time, — have made only 9%. Experts also notice, that the given traffic will sustain only a really professional web hosting."
Facebook is the truly largest social network in the world. The portal audience makes more than 400 million persons. Under the informal information, in the 2009 Facebook has earned about 700 million dollars.

Facebook displaces Google from Top

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Facebook became the most popular web site in the USA + YouTube