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Google has updated page of search results

Google Search

Google has presented the updated page of search results. The new interface will give access to sources and the search tools corresponding to inquiry of the user.

Convenient search filtration

In the left part of page there was a new menu containing tools for a search filtration. It will allow users to optimise delivery of results for certain dates or to allocate the liked results.
The new mechanism also will automatically suggest users to sort results by the most suitable type of the information — to news notes, videoclips, books or posts in a blog.

At the heart of innovation Google tools Universal Search and Google Squared, and also panel Search Options which have been presented for last three years lay. Thus the navigation menu has expanded search possibilities.

All change have concerned more than hundreds elements of page of results of search. In particular, Google logo has been updated, and also colour of a background of contextual advertising have replaced on "cosmic latte".

Google has presented new page simultaneously worldwide.

Google Updates

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Google has updated page of search results + updated