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Dead have fined on $1,77 million

The American district court has made decision to fine musical service on 1,77 million dollars after representatives of service were too lazy to be in court, informs GigaOM. In court case on infringement by resource Imeem of copyrights was considered.

MySpace buys up all

The independent distributor of music, The Orchard Enterprises, has submitted the claim to Imeem on October, 21st current year as by means of musical service the company rights were broken. It happens before purchase by the social network MySpace, aimed to buy and "eat" all musical competitors.

However, not clearly, who would win competition on greed. Label The Orchard Enterprises wanted, that the respondent in the name of Imeem has paid the penalty at a rate of 150 thousand dollars for each infringement of a copyright — if the court has satisfied all requirements, speech would go at all about millions, and about billions dollars. On level of appetites the label claim can be compared unless with claim Viacom to Youtube in 2007 when from the respondent have demanded to pay indemnification in size 1 billion dollars.

The court decision

The judge has decided, that Imeem should pay Orchard 1,77 million dollars, and at the same time — to cease to lose and copy compositions belonging to a label. Last manual of justice to execute not too difficult: after purchase Imeem aforementioned MySpace musical service has died. From the main page of users redirect to musical section MySpace.

It is necessary to notice, that MySpace have paid for even less, than the sum of indemnification Orchard — the transaction has managed in less, than 1 million dollars. It not unique "musical" purchase of a social network this year: several months ago MySpace has bought the appendix iLike.

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